Customer service done right

I just have to commend your staff. I've been ordering from you guys since last November and I have yet to be disappointed. Galuppi's on the Go has by far the BEST customer service I've ever experienced. Stellar service every time. Even when I've walked in, everyone is friendly, a couple folks even knew my name from delivering so often. Great job! As a customer service manager, it is refreshing to see this level of service from everybody. Keep up the great work. You've got my loyalty, and advocacy.

Mike V.    April 3, 2015  


One of the best places in Boca! By far the best sub shop! We are Saturday regulars here, and although the food is delicious, the staff is even better! Jerry is our favorite! He remembers our orders perfectly and he is a pleasure to chat with! My favorite sub is the chicken salad and my fiancé likes the turkey. The 'mini combo' is what we always order. Good size sandwich with a drink and a side for a good price! We love this place!

Olivia J.    January 3, 2017  

Awesome place to have lunch the subs are made fresh in front of you. The people are very nice here and always invite you to return.

And the bread is amazing

Greg S.    November 28, 2016  

Hidden in the corner of a strip shopping center just up the street from Mizner park.

Very good selection of subs, soups and salads.

I had their 8" Italian sub and the maker asked if I wanted half of it wrapped up. I said no, I can eat the whole thing.

No way, I took the other half home.

Very good, I definitely recommend 620 SUBS.

Richard S.    November 27, 2016  

In the mood for a meaty sub in a fresh soft roll? Come here! Do you prefer a filling salad with fresh greens, amazing toppings and large portion of grilled chicken? Come here! The blackened chicken salad and Mediterranean chicken salad are both amazing. This is not a fast food sub shop type salad. We're talking Gourmet! Of course after I eat a healthy lunch, I have to indulge in the red velvet cookie. Hands down , the best! The topper is the amazing staff who are beyond polite.

Sabina B.    November 7, 2016  
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This place rocks.. Like seriously.

They're new to the area (3 months) and I'm impressed.

Think laspadas with more options.. More toppings, super nice staff and CHEAPER.

My girl and I ate AND had leftovers and the total was like 17 bucks...
Totally worth it.. The toppings and meats were super fresh.
Even the background music was great.

I can't recall his name, but the dude from NC helping/talking to me was great!

Just go already.

Joey C.    January 14, 2014   Miami, FL   
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I just had the best Italian sub I've ever had. It's possibly the best sub I've ever had, too. I'm so glad this place is just a two minute drive from my house. My boyfriend just had the blackened chicken salad and it was as delicious as it was pretty. The subs are huge and I couldn't even finish the 8" when I can usually put down a 12" no problem. If you haven't gone yet, you definitely should!

Jasmine L.    November 13, 2013   Tamarac, FL   
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Decided to try Galuppi's on the Go today for lunch. Originally from NJ, I have had some of the best subs imaginable. Well, Galuppi's was right up there with the best. Galuppi's is the best in South Florida that I have had and that includes Laspoda's.

Everything was very fresh. The meat was sliced fresh for each sandwich. The bread and veggies were also incredibility fresh.

Each sandwich is custom crafted to your specifications. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. The size of the subs are gynormous. I could just about finish an 8" medium.

If you miss one of those incredible subs, grinders or hoagies from back home, do yourself a favor, try this place.

Wayne S.    October 23, 2013   Brick, NJ   

I agree with the others who wrote saying this has to be the best sub in the south Florida area. Everything was so fresh and the Italian sub was one of the best we've ever eaten anywhere to include in the areas best place called Laspadas. Since we are from NJ and MA we think we know great subs so we knew we had to write a great review for this new place to make sure they hang around. They have a lot of wonderful salads and home made soups daily along with their excellent pasta and potato salad. The staff were all excellent being very friendly and helpful. We are so happy we finally found a "new" place to enjoy lunch with a nice seating area too.

Sue A.    January 23, 2013   Asbury Park, NJ   

Urban Spoon

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great customer service and more importantly AMAZING subs

Facebook User    March 4, 2014  

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Galuppi was awesome. Great service and food. Sub and salad I ordered were great. My number one sub shop and is also close to home.

User    April 9, 2014   Margate, FL   


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The staff was amazing!
I love the vibe, easy location!
The buffalo chicken sandwich I had was to die for!
Will be back very soon.

Megan    December 8, 2016  
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Best sub I ever had was very happy with everything will be going back again to I love it

Rod    November 2, 2016  
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I love the new variety - some days I'm feeling a salad, some days a sub and today it was soup! The beer cheese soup is super tasty and was a good change up from my usual. Of course the staff is awesome, friendly, and I love that they remember my orders!

Jill    September 28, 2016  
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Best local sub place around for cold subs. Friendly staff, tasty sandwiches, newly renovated store is welcoming and clean.

Jason    February 21, 2016  
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Great people and Great Food! What more could you ask for?

Erika Toepfer Etchison    October 7, 2013   West Palm Beach, FL